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Is the shovel supposed to be spelt shoveln?

Also, when the cursor is placed at the coin slot of the payphone, it keeps alternating between the phone and the default cursor.

Kids, now you know that China is only 350 metres away.

Same opinion. The graphics and storyline are excellent. But it's not playable.
The music is appropriate, I guess.

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I know nobody listens to this genre of nonsense. But for those that do, this is EXCELLENT!
Keep it up mate, you've got a fan in me.

Xtrullor responds:

They should add "nonsense" in the genre selection. I have trouble allocating my tracks into their places, so that should do good.

The Aurora

Very nice. I just think it's missing something though. You need something to end the song right. Finish with a blast.
(Sorry if I don't speak the technical terms)

TastyTeo responds:

Naah for my ears it's just fine, thanks for your review though!

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Yeah, this looks excellent. Except she's not Tifa. I suspect it's the facial features. It's slightly sharper, I think?

LemKuuja responds:

Yeah, she looked a little too asian lol. Her face is supposed to be a little narrower.
I'm practicing grey scale drawing by doing a sketch and going for the painting in greys without outlines.
It was supposed to be a bit cartoony in the beginning, I kept mirroring the drawing so many times and finding out flaws. I changed the face almost 11 times until I just gave up when I got to this, heheh.

The best shape for bees ever! Seriously, all bees should be drawn this way. In fact, draw all other animals like that too.

Well, now that I've downloaded it, I can finally clearly see that it's a mouse. Cause looking from my browser, all I see is an eye and two whiskers floating on a black background.

Pikanjo responds:

Shh... it's a secret...

Also, the graphics are altered from the official logo - to make him cuter and unify the feel. He looks too scared in the actual logos.

I'm in it for the music. Bite me.

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